New Pool Rules

To ensure the health and safety of residents of Tamarac Lakes Sections One and Two, the following rules apply to use of the pool area (patio, pool, and pool deck):

• Residents should refrain from entering the pool area if exhibiting any flu-like symptoms, feeling unwell, or currently positive for COVID-19.

• No more than fifteen (15) persons are permitted to be in the pool area. Due to the occupancy restrictions, no guests are allowed in the pool area at this time.

• There is a time limit of two (2) hours per day, per household, for use of the pool area to ensure that other residents will also be able to enjoy the pool area.

• All persons must wear a face covering when entering any enclosed area surrounding the pool (ex: patio, restrooms, clubhouse).

• All persons must follow CDC guidelines, including but not limited to, hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.

• All persons must practice social distancing (minimum 6 feet).

• All pool furniture has been removed, but residents may utilize their own chairs while enjoying the pool deck.

Residents who violate these rules may be subject to fines in accordance with the TEMS Rules and Regulations.