Application for New Residents




Attention: Our screening process is very thorough. We check over 10 years prior history to ensure your information is accurate. We check with your employers, We check, Local,State and Federal Government records for accuracy. We urge applicants and real-estate professionals to verify each and every question is properly answered. We will not accept applicants who knowingly omit, conceal or otherwise falsify the application. If you are filling out the application for someone else, you must ensure you ask all of the questions that are on the application to everyone listed on the application and or everyone who will be in the household.


Mother and son apply, mom fills out application, Mom fails to mention son was arrested and convicted of armed robbery. Mom states she didn't remember. Records reveal son has 13 arrests   and mom bailed him out just 2 months prior to application. So mom knew and intentionally lied.



Husband and wife, wife fills out application, she writes down that the husband had a misdemeanor crime in 2010 and no other issues. Records confirm this is true and the crime did not fall into our mandatory denial category so the application was approved.



Single applicant , fills out entire application, writes down that they make $50,000.00 our min. requirement is $45,000.00. When asked to provide documents to support the claim, subject provides current pay checks that reveal they make $38,000.00. When asked to explain the difference, they were given 15 days. Subject brought an official looking letter from the employer stating employee makes 20k in bonuses. The letter was verified with employees corporate payroll and was found to be fraudulent. Applicant provides false documents is automatically rejected with no recourse.


Application Fee 150.00
Please follow the link to our online application.

You may also copy and paste the link into your browser.

No refunds for application process.

Please fully and accurately complete the application. Any omissions may be grounds for denial. We will need a verifiable address history for the last 10 years. Applications will automatically be rejected for omissions and failure to provide all accurate information.

No refunds will be given for the application process.

Once you complete your application you must go to the payments page. The application will be unable to processed until the payment has cleared.

Please allow from 3-10 business days for an application to be processed. If the application is accurately completed, the time frame should be much faster.

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